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What to Expect

Your First Visit


Office Tour & In-Depth Health History

Your story in regards to your health began from the moment you were born. During this time, we will discuss everything that has happened to you till this point and the reason for your visit.
Your story is important.

Neurological Exams & Scans

Upon completion of the health history, we will begin the comprehensive neurological exam which includes movement tests and scans. We need to understand what is going on with your health in order to determine the causes of your challenge(s).
We are in this together.

Thermal Scan
Postural Energy (sEMG)
Postural Energy (sEMG)
Heart Rate Variability

Care Plan Creation

Everyone has their own story because no two people are created the same. Dr. Megha takes all the detailed information from the consult and connect and comes up with a comprehensive and individualized care plan, focused on getting you the results you want.
Customized for you.

Your Second Visit


Report of Findings

Dr. Megha will discuss her Report of Findings, which includes, your neurological exam results, the phases of care we provide at One Family Chiropractic, and your individualized care plan. Our goal is to give you all the information and tools to become the leader of your health!
Your health. Your choice.

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