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We here at One Family Chiropractic have a true passion for providing awareness, answers, and most of all, hope to families who are faced with the challenges of sensory and spectrum-related hurdles. We view these sensory and spectrum differences as a means of expression. We love seeing how chiropractic care promotes their individual personalities and enhances their quality of life.


Gentle adjustments calm the brain and nervous systems to allow these characteristics to shine — whether it is extreme detail to numbers, patterns, and colors or being able to “feel” more strongly than their peers. We promote positive expression through a gentle, specific neurological adjustment.


If you’re a parent to a child with sensory challenges or neuro-developmental delays: we recognize that going into busy, public spaces can be very tough for your kids at times. We gladly offer special accommodations in these cases and provide a specific sensory-based assessment for your child. Please let us know before your first visit how we can best serve you and your family. Virtual consultations, split office appointment times, or blocked off hours for an in-office examination are just a few of the accommodations that we are happy to provide to make your child feel more at home. Take a deep breath, moms and dads; we’ve got you!

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