We visited Dr. Bagai to treat our daughter, who was only six days old at the time to treat her Infant Torticollis which prevented our daughter from nursing properly. Dr. Bagai did a comprehensive consultation during our first visit and developed a treatment plan for our newborn. During each visit Dr. Bagai was interested in our daughter’s progress and updates and tailored her adjustments to our daughter’s specific needs. We never felt rushed and loved Dr. Bagai’s demeanor and positive attitude. She was great at remembering details about our family and took a real interest in us as patients and people outside of her practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Bagai and One Family Chiropractic.

Miranda F

Going to One Family Chiropractic and seeing Dr. Megha is what I look forward too the most in my week! Her adjustments have helped me feel better physically and mentally to function optimally in all areas of my life. I am lucky to have Dr. Megha as my Chiropractor and friend. I highly recommend Dr. Megha to anyone looking to improve their daily health lifestyle!

David A

Dr. Megha began treating my sciatica, lower back and hip pain. She not only maintained the progress I had made with a previous chiropractor, but helped me get even healthier. She is a wonderful listener and very attuned to what your body has to say. Dr. Megha has a special way of connecting that seems to open up a pathway that not only allows, but encourages healing. Her skills, enthusiasm, and compassion make it easy to put my trust in her capable and caring hands. I am always grateful for the incredible work she did with me.

Lynn G

Simply stated: I’m a believer.

As a person suffering from chronic symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease, allergies…and getting older, I took the plunge and placed my faith in a wholly different approach to medical treatment: one that seeks to “reboot” the body’s “IT system” by identifying the body’s severed/weakened complex communication array of nerve synapses…and repairing them through careful adjustments. More importantly, I’m not adding to my slew of prescription meds (slowly, but surely coming off of many of them).

Not only do I embrace this lifestyle change…but all of my kids do, too.
Keeping the family healthy…one adjustment at a time:)

Matt M

I have tried several chiropractors, but I always get very nervous about having my neck adjusted. I tense up which make it hard to get a successful adjustment. Dr. Megha was the first and only chiropractor I was able to truly relax and feel comfortable with. She’s awesome! On top of being great at what she does, her positive energy is also contagious! 

Nykale P

Dr. Megha’s caliper of care is unmatched. I experienced an authenticity in her concern for my chronic headaches whereas most doctors discounted them. Dr. Megha’s adjustments were consistently thorough, addressing issues I was often unaware of. Dr. Megha is the real deal. 

Kristy A